Acosta Gets Banned – Uber Stories

Episode 17 of the Idiots Podcast included a couple of phone calls to test out our new system. Joe’s wife and Bob’s lifelong friend Scott joined us for the show. Enjoy.

Italian Joe didn’t know the director of “The Godfather”. If Kevin was here, he would have revoked his Italian card.

Alibaba “Single’s Day” is the biggest shopping day in the world. You can add Black Friday and Cyber Monday together and still not approach the volume of activity on 11/11.

  • Singles Day – Alibaba 2018: $30.8 billion
  • Singles Day – 2018: $23 billion
  • Black Friday 2017: $7.9 billion
  • Cyber Monday 2017: $6.6 billion

Should Jim Acosta have lost his press pass?