Christmas Gifts, Wedding Surprises, Uber Stories – Idiots Podcast Episode 22

In our first remote co-host during the show (sorry about that) we completed episode 22. Steve and Joe made it into the studio and Al was able to join us for Trivia Time. Did he come away with the win?

Trump Cohen – Economy – Finance… Joe is not interested. The guys share their limited knowledge of the markets and where the stock market might be headed.

Who won the poll of the woman who is admired the most (Gallup Poll)?

See the full list here:

Did you know that first-class postage is going up to $0.55?

During a wedding reception this bride revealed some shocking news to her husband.


Steve has a funny Uber story about a 27 year old who wanted to take a guy home. He wasn’t picking up the signals.

One of our biggest fans sent in some show swag… THANKS JC!!

Al joined the guys for a round of Trivia Time. Joe pulled out some knowledge and took down Al, a trivia aficionado.