Climate Change Discussion With The Experts – Really! Episode 27

Well, this podcast thing must really be something that Steve enjoys. Not only does he edit the shows, but he actually put a lot of effort to bring in a couple of climate change experts on to discuss some of the different views/opinions/science that exist.

FROM Dr. Charles Mitchell:
The community of US climate scientists are not unique in their consensus. This is broadly shared by the whole global community.  The IPCC reports are a shared international effort. Listeners should consider whether, even in this time of conspiracy theory heaven, it seems likely that this sort of global agreement among scientists could be engineered by Al Gore and politicians in Washington or would arise spontaneously out of some form of conspiracy to milk tax payers around the globe.  What ever we think of politicians, this is a preposterous claim.
The Keeling Curve was discussed on the show. Learn more here:
Visit the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) at:
Actual recorded change in average annual temperature (whole Earth not every spot — some are more some are less):
Global temperature change from 1850 to 2016
Additional reading on a longer timescale (Note the correspondence of CO2 and Temp.):