Creepy Joe Biden, Poop Pot, Potato Skin Lawsuit – Idiots Podcast Episode 36

News Headlines

Someone Got a New Tesla

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The Bezos divorce has been settled. Can you believe the terms?

Cannabis Sold On Streets Of Madrid Contains ‘Dangerous Amount Of Faecal Matter,’ Study Claims (link)

YouTubers Cole And Sav Have Pissed People Off With Their April Fools’ Joke On Their 6-Year-Old Daughter

April Fools Joke: Joe got a co-worker

Woman in NYC Suing TGiF for their potato skin chips. $5 Million Dollars! (link)

ICE Arrested 280 People at a Company in Texas (link)

Steve Thinks Farrakhan Hates Jews. Oh wait… this just in… Farrakhan hates Jews.

A Bank Robber Had A Very Unique Reason for Robbing a Bank! (link)

Creepy Joe Biden

Netflix Time

Homework for Next Week: Amanda Knox

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