Game of Thrones Sucks, Ding Dong Onions – Idiots Podcast Episode 38

A great episode to lead into the long holiday weekend (for most).  Steve is joined by Bob, JC, and Joe. Looks like the dog ate Joe’s homework and he paid the price for it.

News Headlines

Denver Schools Closed Down
Fear of another Columbine shooting were credible.

Chris Hardwick didn’t complete his version of the ID10TS podcast and is getting sued for it. (

St. Patrick’s Cathedral Bombing Attempt

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Kit Harrington, Game of Thrones Star, Almost Lost Penis

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Game of Thrones

Are you a fan? Are you pumped for the new season? Or, did they lose you when they introduced the Ice Dragon Zombie? I’m serious!

Netflix Time
Free Solo - Alex Hannold
Next Weeks Movie

Trivia Time

Steve wins again.

Thanks for joining us. Enjoy your Easter!