I Thought This Was The Lightning Round – Idiots Podcast Episode 7

In this Episode, Kevin is replaced by Joe and we got into some fantastic headlines that included legalizing marijuana, Colin Kapernick, Police Violence and much more.

Tiny House Progress:

Outbuildings.ca (our tiny house inspiration)

NY Times Op-Ed from inside the white house? 

Kaepernick and Russell Wilson when they used to be considered future stars.

Great advice from Angry Cops on Youtube.

Daniel Shaver gunned down by cops in Arizona:

NJ Couple helped homeless couple and then decided the money was better left with them.

We ran through some topics in our lightning round (that was anything but fast). Steve’s magical editing skills brought our lightning round down to a manageable level.

  • Slow drivers
  • Legalizing marijuana
  • Illegal immigrant kids

Episode 7 closed out with a trivia contest that had Joe wiping the floor with Bob.

Steve broke his streak when Bob voted for himself as THE BIGGEST IDIOT! I think Bob just wanted the trophy on his desk.

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