Jolie O’Dell Talks About Hate Speech, Doge to the Moon

In episode 42 of the podcast, the guys decided to invite a guest who is much smarter and more professional than us all.

Fans of the #TwitArmy will certainly recognize Jolie O’Dell. We were thrilled that Jolie was kind enough to join us for the full episode. Jolie is the president of Civilination. Civilination is a non-profit taking a stand against online harassment, character assassination, misinformation & violence.

We were thrilled to discuss the issues at hand online today including hate speech, the role of the online platforms/sites and what a consumer can do about it.

Since we are in the midst of the historic run of DogeCoin and the #DogeToADollar movement we had to address the topic. Would you believe that all 4 idiots now own some DogeCoin? Might be a great indicator that it is time to sell. Or is it? #DogeToTheMoon

Did I mention that Jolie was smarter than us? She won the trivia contest. It was a bit geek centric. How did you do?

Join us for Episode 42. If you don’t laugh at least once, Steve will pay you a dollar.

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