Kanye West, 2 Year Old Hotties, Never Ending Painful Trivia – Idiots Podcast Episode 12

It was a foursome today as Bob, Kevin and Joe joined the stalwart of the Idiots Podcast, Steve.

We discussed some interesting topics that were in the news over the last few days.

Kanye West goes nuts off in the Oval Office with President Trump. Full Kanye West video here:

Remember the time Kanye called out George W. for his “hatred” of black people? In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, Kanye took a moment during a fundraiser to make Mike Myers incredibly uncomfortable and to call out Dubya.

Is Kanye good or bad for President Trump? Kevin and Joe think it is a non-factor. How about you?

Are Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder calling for aggression toward Republicans? Bob feels that you are an idiot if you take that seriously.

Stock market down 1,400 pts in 2 days. Beginning of the decline? Bob thinks so. But, he was wrong about this same thing 5 years ago.

Kevin discusses the dating situation in this electronic age. “Where’s the minibike?”

The news included a story about the airline passengers who deserve all the shaming that they get. The latest video shows a woman grooming her feet on a flight. DISGUSTING!

The guys discuss other airline “support” animals including the support squirrel that finally caused an airline to draw the line. Steve discusses his last flight with a kid in the seat next to him. Listen for this. “Get her an Enfamil, tell her it’s from me”.

We then go back to a movie line trivia contest. Let me just say, the guys are not so good with movie line trivia.

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Stacy Grimaldi

    🙋🏻‍♀️I knew Steel Magnolias! Yes the SAME line was used in Wierd Science! Wait my husband saw Gone with the wind?? He does not watch Chick Flicks!

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