Kavanaugh, Pickup Lines, Joe Fights Naked – Idiots Podcast Episode 9

We still had 3 idiots for the podcast today since Joe was able to sub for Bob. A funny episode with some fighting tactics and pick-up lines along with everyone’s favorite segment… “Trivia Time!”

A couple of Asians posted their own photo in McDonald’s and earned $25k from McDonald’s
Asian McDonalds Poster

Hot Crazy Matrix Video:

Josh Gordon finds another job. Another New England bargain?

Kevin (the single guy) discusses how to pick up women.

Joe comes up with the best way for a guy to avoid getting into a fight. A diabolical move.

Since Bob wasn’t there today, the guys bust on Bob a bit. Steve just can’t help but be kind. He must want more help with his website.

The guys close up the show with a trivia contest.