Love Expert Susan Winter, Guys and Valentine’s Day – Episode 28

The guys (and Stacey) are joined by relationship expert Susan Winter. Susan helps us out with relationship advice and provides some tips to keep us on track for Valentine’s day. In addition, we cover some news headlines, Uber Stories, agree on a Netflix show to review for our next show and close out with Trivia Time. Enjoy.

News Headlines

We are joined by relationship expert, Susan Winter

Learn more about Susan Winter

It appears that Joe may have been (definitely) an unwitting participant in a drug pick up. Listen to this weeks Uber story. (Story at 26m 53s)

Netflix Time

In the next show, we will be discussing episode 1 of the Netflix show “Evil Genius”. Watch along to see if your opinion aligns with ours.
View episode 1 before next week:

We close out the show with a round of Trivia Time!

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