MAGA Victim Jussie Smollett, ISIS Wife Regrets – Idiots Podcast Episode 30

Episode 30. 30!

On the show today, the guys (Steve, Bob, Kevin and Joe) discuss MAGA Victim Jussie Smollett, ISIS Wife Regrets and more.


News Headlines

A Young Isis Bride Wants Back Into the USA. Trump and Pompeo said no way. Do you want to allow her back in? If so, our consensus is that you are insane. (PS: She can live at your house)
hoda muthana

19-Year-Old Marries 62 Year Old Man

Martina Navratilova Has Strong Opinions About Trans People Competing In Sports

Jim Boeheim Involved in Deadly Accident

Idiots SPorts with Bob

The Alliance of American football bailed out by Carolina hurricanes owner Tom Dundon. Dundon made a $250 million investment To become the majority owner of the new league. Quite a return for Bill Polian and Charlie Ebersol.

Netflix Segment

Evil Genius Review…
Next episode… Aaron Hernandez Uncovered

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