Migrant-Caravans, Asians, Fried, Laptops and Celebrity Net Worth – Episode 13

Migrant Caravans, Trump Org wants their money, Asians getting into Harvard, Fried Lap Tops and CelebrityNetWorth.com trivia.

Fried HP Spectre laptop screen

Kevin is buying a new car from the Carvana vending machine in the Cleveland area.

The migrant caravan is on the move up North.

The Trump Org wants their $90k from the condo owner who died in a fire at Trump Tower.Embed from Getty Images

Melania Trump lookalike in T.I. video

Harvard getting sued due to their Asian admission policy

A round of trivia about Celebrity Net Worth. Are you curious about what celebrities are worth? Visit https://www.celebritynetworth.com

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