Moneyless Society, Brave New World or Recipe for Disaster Interview with Zachary Marlow – Episode 56

Since Joe and Kevin had to watch the opening night NFL game, Al was kind enough to join the show. Al isn’t a huge fan of what he often refers to as “Sportsball”. As always, Al provided a lot of insight on our topics.

Not only did Al join us, but Zachary Marlow from The Moneyless Society Podcast joined us for the entire episode.

News Headlines

  • Maybe we should just start referring to Bob’s weekly headline as “the NFT minute”.
    The original Doge photo (the one from the Meme and the coin) is now an NFT. Not only did it sell for $4 Million, but the group that purchased the NFT (PleasrDao) fractionalized the NFT (broke it into millions of tiny pieces, and sold 20% of the NFT off. After the sale, the NFT has reached a value of $336 Million!!

  • Al had a story about the CDC school system masking data. NULL’s are not being counted. If you are a data person, you will understand what a No-No that is. NULL does note equal Zero people!
  • Conspiracy Steve discussed the mask mandate from President Biden. As always, Steve feels that this is a slippery slope.

Our Main Topic

We had a nice long discussion regarding a Moneyless Society with Zachary Marlow.

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