People wanna hear about people losin’ weight!

Episode 1 of The Idiots Podcast

The episode kicks off with some brief discussion about our new podcast and heads right into the news of the day.

Did you know that Megan Markle has to go to bed after the queen?

How about the British guy who lost a ton of weight by employing diet and exercise. Wow. Who knew.

There is some hot tariff talk between Bob and Kevin with Steve chiming in and sounding a little like a teen beauty pageant contestant.

Bob is perplexed at the fact that these were top headlines on Fox news on the day after an audio tape of our president was released.

A quiz to see who knows details about President Trump follows with Bob winning a close one thanks to Kevin’s slow buzzer.

At the end of the show, we take a vote to see who is the “Biggest Idiot” of the episode. 1:Steve, 2:Bob, 3:Kevin.
You can see how Kevin and Steve voted. Looks like Steve is the biggest idiot.