Racist Hillary, Alec Baldwin, Bouncer Bounced – Episode 15

Episode 15 included Steve, Kevin and Joe. It was a short one, but worth a listen.

Alec Baldwin’s temper got the best of him again.

Hillary Clinton made a pretty commonly racist remark. Will the liberals and minority leaders give her a pass?

A woman choked out a bouncer in a Plattsburgh bar. Has the #metoo movement gone a little far? She now faces up to seven years in prison.

Trivia Time!

  • City of Brotherly Love? – Joe – Philadelphia
  • President on a One Dollar Bill? – Kevin – Benjamin
  • Tower Leaning in a Town in Italy – Kevin – Pisa
  • Name of Toronto’s NBA Team – Joe – Raptors
  • Band that Sang the Hotel… – Joe – The Eagles