Robert Kraft Charged, Idiots Podcast Episode 31

News Headlines

  • Jason Witten coming out of retirement
  • Election fraud in NC. Mark Harris bows out
  • DNA Services. Good and bad.
    • Steve finds his long lost brother
    • Golden State Killer was found because a DNA match from a relative
    • Trump and North Korea. An abrupt end

Steve wants to know how you feel about trophy hunters.

Are you the type of person that is so against big-game hunters, or hunters of any type, that you would rather see the hunter killed than the animal killed? Steve knows a few of those people. Here is a recent discussion he had.

Idiot Sports with Bob

Robert Kraft. Steve has an interesting take on a person who would visit the parlors. Do you agree?

Uber stories
Steve’s Cousin has 11 kids. Steve picked up an Uber fare who also had 11 kids. Turns out the 11th was born on the night that Steve’s neice was born. They were next to each other in the hospital! #Buffalo #SmallWorld

Netflix Time
We are calling this Netflix even though you had to find the documentary “Aaron Hernandez Uncovered” on Amazon.

Netflix Homework

Watch the documentary “Tricked” and join our discussion next week.

Trivia Time

Steve was able to participate in our trivia contest this week. HE WON!! If you hear Joe’s questions, you will think it was rigged against him.