Vaccines Are Completely Safe… – Episode 47

We had a special guest host with us today. Our buddy Al was able to join us for Episode 47. Many of you know Al, for those who don’t, you can find him all over social media ( Care to learn a little something about business, life and selling? Listen to Al on the “Selling For Life” podcast.

Do you say Ah and Um a lot? You are driving Steve CRAZY!

News Headlines

Ford is releasing an electric version of the F-150. Will ‘Merica like it? It can backup your house.
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Megadeath is parting ways with a band member due to sexual misconduct allegations.
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Microsoft is finally ending the life of Internet Explorer. There is one year left to replace
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United Airlines is offering free flights if you get your Covid vaccine.
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Steve feels that Vaccines Are Completely Safe… and Everyone Should Get the Untested Chemicals Injected into Their Bodies Immediately

Another Rough Round of Trivia With Many Incorrect Answers

Would someone please come on and beat the idiots and take the 1,000,000 Safemoon from Bob? Would 5,000,000 do it?